Pomarance and surroundings

The Villages, the Nature Reserves and Geothermal Energy

Our villages, on top of the hills of the Alta Val di Cecina and Val d’Era, in an area rich in history, art, archaeology and nature, are so unique even in Tuscany that they have inspired writers, poets and painters such as Rosa, Stendhal, Lawrence, Dennis, Corot, D’Annunzio and Cassola.
Beside the millennial testimony to the Etruscan and Roman civilization, the Medieval and Renaissance world, scattered over the area and in Volterra, town of art and cultural centre of the entire valley, there is the Val di Cecina that is rich in various landscapes, from the Metalliferous Hills to the woodlands such as the Nature Reserve of Berignone, the Nature Reserve of Monterufoli-Caselli and the Montenero Nature Reserve, from typical Mediterranean vegetation to the Volterra hills with gorges, valleys and rounded hilltops.
Pomarance preserves important traces of its past such as the Porta Orciolina and the Porta of Casale, part of the walls from the 1300s, the church of San Giovanni with paintings of Roncalli, Cercignani and Ademollo, and several Palazzi (Pretorio, Pucci, Bicocchi, Bardini and De Larderel). Montecastelli has developed around an imposing square-based tower from the Middle Ages and the Romanesque church of San Filippo and San Giacomo (13th century) – with three aisles and pilasters with decorated capitals. In the vicinity of the cemetery, is the Buca delle Fate (Etruscan Tomb); etruscan hypogeum of the 6th century.

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